Review: Batman & Jesus

By Andrew J. Rausch Secular By Nature’s own Andrew J. Rausch had the opportunity to view an early cut of Jozef K. Richards’ film Batman & Jesus a few months prior to its release. Anyone who would like to support the completion of the film and see the film as it exists at this time can contribute to Richards’ Indiegogo campaign here: When I saw … Continue reading Review: Batman & Jesus

Atheists Discuss God’s Not Dead

Atheists Discuss Bad Christian Movies: “God’s Not Dead (2014)” by Andrew J. Rausch and R.D. Riley ANDREW: This was a really, really, really offensive movie. I don’t say that just as an atheist, but also as a rational, thinking human being. This was offensive on so many levels. This movie couldn’t be more offensive if they had killed three gay teens and then injected cancerous … Continue reading Atheists Discuss God’s Not Dead